Ufos a history of mysteries and hoax

There are thousands of core drilling samples that go down thousands of feet showing no hollow earth. Secondary sources are the works of more recent modern historians who interpret the primary sources and use them to reconstruct the past.


Historians may not necessarily believe he was the Son of God, but they believe there was a historical figure Jesus of Nazareth who founded Christianity. The footage was released in the nineties, and received a great deal of attention.

Everyone else calls it a destructive, dangerous cult. The brightest of them, to the south, matched the position of Siriusthe brightest star in the night sky. Man, oh man did people fall for this one — and just between us, my grandpa still firmly believes that this incident that took place in is as true as Bob.

But then, as usual, hype has to be amplified with bigger and better ideas - henceforth reports of alien encounters. If the pagan ritual had a similar meaning or symbolism, there would be a case for copying.

In contrast, Gnostics taught that the Jewish God, which they called the Demiurge was an inferior false god. Mack is on the fringe of New Testament scholarship and Wilson has qualifications in art and modern history.

The pair decided they would create a completely fictitious employee of the Department of State.

Top 10 Most Famous UFO Hoaxes

Choices such as those are usually arrived at based on personal belief than as opposed to whatever evidence is being offered. Jesus was different in that some Jews, who believed in one God, the creator of the universe, came to believe that a carpenter from an insignificant village who got crucified, was this God in human form.

Even if most of those who purchase tabloids do it for entertainment value alone, the magazines themselves stand by the alleged truth of their stories. Perseus was believed to have been conceived when Zeus impregnated his mother in the form of a golden shower of rain However, Guthrie believed the amulet was a medieval forgery.

One proposed theory is that the incident was a hoax. Are they warring with a clan of bigfoots bigfeet? He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles.

Ron Hubbard, a famous but mediocre science fiction writer, schemed to take advantage of the bank accounts of the vulnerable by offering them spiritual salvation.

While Freke and Gandy claim that Jesus did not exist, no one would suggest that these philosophers and Roman emperors did not exist because they or others said they were divine. These lights have been attributed by astronomers to a piece of natural debris seen burning up as a fireball over southern England at that time.

Rumor has it that the spacecraft and its dead occupants were transported to Area 51, a top secret military base in Nevada, for storage and experimentation. They refused so they were killed. Is the Earth Hollow? Even if most of those who purchase tabloids do it for entertainment value alone, the magazines themselves stand by the alleged truth of their stories.

The Haiti UFO footage, popular on youtube and said to have been filmed in August ofdepicts several close-up views of mechanized, lit saucers.He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies.

Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel. The Secret History of Twin Peaks: UFOs, Conspiracy, and the Players, p. (Secrets and Mysteries, Part 3) It is the goal of 25 Years Later: A Site Both Wonderful and Strange to offer in-depth looks into Mark Frost’s The Secret History of Twin Peaks section by section.

Unexplained Mysteries takes us on a quest of weekly paranormal encounters. They'll be interviews from people who have experienced everything from crop circles to UFO's to near-death experiences.

Unexplained Mysteries takes us beyond our imaginations and explores those ancient riddles that we've been questioning. UfO'S IN ART, UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES. Collection by Nancy Lester. Hoax: Alien Mummy, actually a child mummy, see text.

UFOs In Art Throughout History - This is a depiction of an angel being watched by a man and a dog looking to the sky. a medieval religious art depiction. Unexplained Mysteries is always on the look out for new article writers and contributors. If you've written articles, reviews, news stories or other material that you would like published for free on the site then we want to hear from you - Click here for details.

Nov 22,  · Skeptics say the UFOs were part hoax, part imagination and part misidentification (Eglin Air Force Base and Pensacola Naval Air Station are nearby), but believers are undeterred. Walters has said his Nov.

11,sighting was the first of more than sightings and abductions he experienced over a six-year period.".

Ufos a history of mysteries and hoax
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