Vitrified tiles

However, please remember that most of the problem in a tile is identified only after laying and after laying this cannot be rectified. It is also important to look into the aesthetics.

The medium sized rectified tiles are priced as low as Rs and as high as Rs It can be confusing to choose between the ceramic and vitrified if you do not know the key differences hence this article was compiled to highlight these differences.

Which flooring is better? Vitrified tiles, Granite, or Italian Marble

Features of rectified floor tiles The rectified floor tiles with sharp and plain edges are baked and cut into desirable shapes.

No toxic or dust is produced while abrading. The company nurtures each relationship be it with the trade, consumers or suppliers.

Clay is also used, but a small percentage than in the ceramic tiles. Glazed vitrified tiles GVT have a glazed surface. This can increase overall cost and time in laying the tile. Volatile Organic content VOC: The rectification of the flooring tiles is helpful in controlling shrinkage of the tiles.

These are manufactured in different sizes such as Xmm, Xmm, and many other sizes. This process does not permit complex patterns but results in a long-wearing tile surface, suitable for heavy traffic commercial projects.

If you have already shortlisted the tiles from any reputed Brand, feel free to contact us for a better quote. Hence lesser number of count of fibre in a given area. Full body vitrified tiles have pigment in entire body thickness of the tile.

Vitrified Flooring and Vitrified Tiles Know about advantages disadvantages and maintenance for Vitrified 4. Ceramic tiles are prone to cracking and breaking while vitrified tiles has a very strong material strength and does not crack easily.

Ceramic Tile vs. Vitrified tile?

The functionality of the tile is extended through the inclusion of feldspar, quartz and silica. In order to cater to the specific needs of our customers we produce various categories of tiles, including kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles, flooring tiles and exterior wall tiles.

It is not recommended for floor tiles as while abrading the dust generation which is toxic in nature is produced only can be used in wall cladding.

Difference between Ceramic Tiles and Vitrified Tiles

These top brands are offering language to a modern life style which many of the rural households have also started adapting.

The designs, size, colours and surface finishes will be made keeping in mind the needs of the Indian as well as overseas consumers. The general appearance of Vitrified tiles flooring should be enhanced, and there should be an appreciation of the property.

Only natural clay mixed with water was used to make the ceramic tiles. Types[ edit ] Soluble salt vitrified tiles are screen printed and polished.

Ceramic Tiles Vitrified are made of the mixture of clay, silica, feldspar and quartzwhereas the ceramic tiles are made of the mixture of solvent and natural clay.

Volatile organic content VOC in the tiles is very negligible is solidified tiles. All the materials are heated to such a temperature that they melt into a glass type mixture and then converted into tiles.List of Vitrified Tiles Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in India, Spain, Italy, China-Worldwide.

Find Here Ceramic Dealers, Wholesalers, Traders from Ceramic Industry. Vitrified Tile Industrial Ceramic Vitrified Tile Vitrified Tile Systems utilize precision industrial ceramic units with pre-formed spacer lugs and the most advanced chemically resistant, antimicrobial setting and grouting materials.

It is a difficult decision to decide which flooring option you need to opt. In this, article we are giving advantages and disadvantages of each flooring option.

Vitrified tiles are typically used in restaurants and businesses with large amounts of foot traffic. Vitrified tiles are incredibly durable and designed to withstand heavy use.

Nov 12,  · Learn about the types of vitrified tiles - full body, double charge, glazed, digital, soluble salts. Kajaria Ceramics Limited The largest manufacturer of ceramic and vitrified tiles in India.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, we at Kajaria strive to deliver quality products and services to our customers.

Vitrified tiles
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